Debrecen Ghetto

I was born in May, 1927. During the war, I lived in the Debrecen Ghetto in Hungary for a month. From there, we were evicted to Auschwitz. My elder sister and I were the sole survivors of our entire family.

My friend recommended the ‘International Center for Holocaust Reparations‘ to me. I contacted them, received the relevant information and got help filling out all the forms. The firm has Jewish lawyers, warm, patient and kind-hearted. After several months, I succeeded in claiming 33,000€ as well as an additional monthly stipend of €198. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the money deposited in the bank!

Thank you to all the kind and dedicated staff, especially to Tami and Dana!

C. N. 2016/11/09

Thank you so much for all the wonderful advice, understanding and sensitivity

My name is A.G. and was born in the United States. However, my husband of blessed memory, who passed away five years ago, lived in Romania during World War II and was later expelled to Transnistria. He lived there for three and a half years, working in a soap factory. After I contacted the office of the Center for Holocaust Reparations, they called me back and guided me in completing all the forms. My daughter and I related all that we knew (we have no documentation). Yael took care of everything and I was compensated €19,500. In addition, I now receive a monthly pension of €130.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful advice, understanding and sensitivity.

A. G. 2016/11/09

Budapest Ghetto

My mother was born in Budapest and currently resides in a long term care nursing home. During the war, my mother was interned in the Budapest Ghetto for two months and worked as a cleaner.

My mother-in-law, who had already been through this process successfully, recommended that we contact the ‘International Center for Holocaust Reparations’ and gave us their phone number. My mother, who was always a strong and vigorous woman, is now not in the line of health, nor is she always aware of her surroundings. Therefore, I am the one who spoke with the staff, who guided me step by step. In fact, I didn’t even have to leave my house. The lawyers prepared the case meticulously and did all the work for us. After five months, our claim successfully brought us a very respectable amount.

I want to thank Zachi and his dedicated staff. I want to convey to anyone who lived in the Ghetto, not to neglect the issue, because it is money that the survivors and their families rightly deserve!

Sheindel R. 2016/11/10

Dear Michelle and Staff,

Thank you for your work and success. I appreciate everything.
Enclosed some pictures of my great-grand son’s Bar Mitzvah, almost couldn’t make it, I fell and broke my neck.
One picture are the 4 generations.
The smallest one is me. I wear the neck brace.
Thanks again.

Inge B. 2016/11/10

Dear wonderful people at Zachi Porath

Thank you for doing this wonderful work for us.
I am the child of Holocaust survivors. No matter how many years passed and how many family Simchas there were, the shadow of my parents’ suffering and the death and future of family members never left my parents’ memories.
Thank you,

Debbie D. S. 2016/11/10

Dear Gitty,

I want to thank you wholeheartedly for helping me to receive the reparation money. I so appreciate your friendliness, your encouragement, your willingness to help, to discuss. It is so rare in the official world.
Now thanks to you, my brother will be able to take care of his dental problems!
G-d bless you for being such a wonderful person.
All the best –

Ludmila Friedman and Yuriy Rozhener (my brother), Wichita, KS, USA 2016/11/10

Dear Ms Hersch, Ms Fuhrer

Thank you for the Center for Reparations efforts on my behalf. I received yesterday a letter informing my claim had been accepted.
Over 50 years ago I chose not to present a claim because I felt I would have been accepting money for the loss of my mother and I did not feel it would be morally acceptable. This time I feel this compensation is for what I went through. I think I can accept it.
I am at present working on a memoir of my experience as a child in graphic novel format. It is not complete and I may redo parts of it. But I would like to share it with you. I attached it in pdf format.
Thanks again. Toda Raba. and of course Leshana Tova

Adam Policzer 2016/11/10

Dear Ms. Fuhrer,

Thank you for your good wishes for the New Year. Of course I too wish you the very best in the name of my entire family.

The unexpected news of the … Fund surprised me as much as it pleased me. I didn’t even know that you submitted claims for that one but believe me the money will come in handy…
Heartfelt greetings.
Next year in Jerusalem!

Rudy S. 2016/11/10

Thank you Shaina

Thank you Shaina for the good news and congratulation to you and all your colleagues for the really good job, you have done!!
Excellent work, congratulation! Very satisfied!

Andrea Kovacs 2016/11/10

Thank you for all your efforts

I hope you are doing well and I want to thank you for all your efforts on our behalf.
All best,
Sent from my iPad

Judith N., Chicago USA 2016/11/13

A big smile on my face

thank you for your lovely messages and warm words. The whole thing has also put a big smile on my face. When I told my father he was soooo happy that a little bit of justice has been served. I have no words to express my gratitude to you for all the hard, determined work you have done…
One day when I’m finally in Israel I would love to thank you in person! Meanwhile look forward to hearing from you. Please stay in touch!

Adela, Melbourne, Australia 2016/11/13

We have received the payment

Dear Rachel,
My family and myself want to thank you for your efforts on our behalf. We have received the payment thank you very much for doing a wonderful job.

Avrohom C., Brooklyn, NY 2016/11/13

I am freaking out!!

Rachel !!!
I am freaking out!! You did it! You are a malacha min shamayim!
Thank you Thank you Thank you a MILLION TIMES OVER

Toby G. S., NJ, USA 2016/11/13

Approval of Ghetto Pension

Dear Mrs. Grabowiecki:
Thank you so much for all devoted work and great kindness in enabling this major assistance to come to fruition.
Thank you very much.

Avi L., NY, USA 2016/11/13


Dear Rachel
I received now a letter from the Deutsche Retenversicherung concerning ghetto pension!!!!!
Congratulations to you Rachel. Fantastic work you did!! Just fantastic!

Dov, Brazil BRASIL 2016/11/13

Shanghai Thank You

Rachel Grabowiecki did a wonderful job guiding our application for reparations for my father who was in the Shanghai ghetto (1942-1947). Because of the war situation, very little evidentiary documentation could be retrieved and we were even denied the first time. Despite the odds against us, Rachel dedicated many hours to fight for my family and to finally get our application approved. Rachel has been so kind and helped us through this entire process that took many months. We could never have gotten the reparations without Rachel. Thank you very much for all your help.

Abraham Lasdun 2016/11/15

I am grateful for what you did

It is a great “mitzva” what you are doing

Dow Friedman 2016/11/15

Ana Weber daugh

I am thrilled and satisfied and grateful to Rachel for all her hard work dedication support and genuine care for giving us the utmost highest level of work and contribution
Rachel is exceptionally professional and devoted to her work Beyond our expectations and above the call off duty
I recommend her work at the highest level of commitment

Ana Weber's 2016/11/15

Most appreciated

International Center for Holocaust Reparations processed my claim in the most proficient and cordial manner and have achieved great results. I cannot say thanks enough for the minute compensation I received for my Mother, who was locked and suffered in concentration camps and forced labor camps right through the Holocaust period – 1939-1945! Germany should pay more, much more for what they have done, as a nation, all turned murderers. The Nazi-German nation got really light for the worst war crimes in human history they perpetrated. As for the Jews the Nazi machine systematically and in cold blood murdered 6,000,000 Jews with the intent to wipe the Jews off the earth, they really were not punished enough. International Center for Holocaust Reparations great work achieved for me a tiny payment for my Mother’s suffering and for that I am grateful.

Nurit Greenger, LOS ANGELES, CA, USA 2016/11/15

Many thanks!

Quick and efficient in getting results from the German Government. A wonderful organization that is super helpful and I would not have received anything if it wasn’t for them.

Betty 2016/11/23

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