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Holocaust survivor and child

German Pension for Polish Survivors and their Heirs

Are you a child of a Holocaust survivor who worked in a ghetto in Poland?

You may be entitled to a large sum of money!

Even if your parents received compensation from the Israeli Ministry of Finance or directly from Germany in their lifetimes, you may be eligible for a one-time payment from the German Pension Fund.

Why am I eligible for funds?

In many cases, Polish Holocaust survivors who have already passed did not fully realize their pension rights in their lifetimes. This is a one-time retroactive payment and/or monthly pension payments from the German Pension Fund for survivors or their widow(er)/ heirs who worked in ghettos in occupied Poland (including Warsaw, Lodz, Bialystok, Vilna, Lublin, Krakow, Kovno, Riga and many more). As stated, in many cases these survivors did not receive everything they are legally entitled to.

In addition, often survivors who worked in ghettos in occupied Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus also did not receive everything they were entitled to.

I am a child of a survivor, how is this relevant for me?

If you are an heir of a survivor who did not receive their full pension rights, you may be eligible to receive the difference.

Our experience has taught us that in cases like these, considerable amounts were reduced from the survivors’ pensions for years, plus years of interest to be added- in many cases the sums are high.

Who is entitled to compensation?

Heirs of Holocaust survivors who worked in ghettos in occupied Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Belarus may be entitled to a retroactive sum, in some instances dating back to the year 1997.
An heir or widow(er) of a Holocaust survivor is also eligible for a pension from Germany, even if the spouse has been deceased for many years.
This claim can be filed even if the survivor received monthly payments from the Israeli Ministry of Finance, the Claims Conference, directly from Germany (BEG/ Wiedergutmachung) or even if the survivor already received a pension from the German Pension Fund.
Heirs are only eligible to receive payments if the survivor or their spouse was alive on June 27, 2002.

Which forms do I need to fill out?

You do not need to fill out forms for the German Pension Fund. We will obtain all the required materials, complete all the paperwork and correspond with the German authorities on your behalf.

How is the money divided between heirs?

There are several options, depending on circumstances (such as conflict between heirs etc.). Our dedicated staff will be happy to provide more information on this question. In any case, the German Pension Fund always wires the money directly to the heirs; the money never goes through us.

How much do you charge?

We do not charge a fee for our professional services upfront. After successfully filing the claim, the German Pension Fund will transfer the money directly into your bank account.
Only if the claim is successful and after you have received the money, we charge a fee of 15% of the retroactive sum.
If your claim was rejected, you will not be charged AT ALL.

My mother/ father already received a ghetto pension a while ago

Even cases in which the survivor received a ghetto pension, we will check that all factors were taken into account for their final calculation. Often, many things were not accounted for and heirs are not aware of the fact that there are open payments remaining. We conduct this check free of charge. If an additional payment is approved, you will be charged 15% of this amount for our professional services. If no payments were open and you are not approved, you will not be charged at all.

I am not sure if my relatives or I are eligible; how do I find out?

Very simple: a short phone call to our office. You may also leave your information for us in the form below and our team of representatives will get back to you right away.
We have successfully assisted many Holocaust victims in receiving what they are entitled to and we will be happy to help you as well.

For free advice, with no obligation on your part, call us now at +1 917 677 5315 or leave your information below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Thank You!

My experience with the International Center for Holocaust Reparations has been outstanding. They are very professional and will work with you every step of the way. Initially, there was a lot of work on my behalf in finding documents and other necessary papers to send them. It was a long process (practically taking two years), but very rewarding in the end. I’m glad that my mother was alive to see the initial payment from Germany and this payment enabled us to get her the 24-hour care that she desperately needed at the end of her life. We worked with an incredible person at the Center who was very professional and kept in touch with us continuously throughout this time. I can’t say enough about her. She was very devoted to her work and wanted a successful outcome for us. We were required to pay a 15% commission fee only after we received the payments which we understood at the outset. I would definitely recommend their services and am very appreciative of their hard work for my family. Thank You so very much!

Jane July 29, 2020

They are the Best!

They were able to get me compensation for my mother. Quick and very honest! Worth every penny!

Betty July 29, 2020

Thank you

I highly recommend using this agency if you are lucky enough for them to contact you and offer their services. They provided trough their service an unexpected financial reward.

Pierre J Hörmann July 29, 2020


Anna Elizabeth July 26, 2020

Very Professional

It was always easy to deal. The service was very professional.

M.A July 21, 2020

they are honorable, honest and work very hard for you

The people at the Centre for Holocaust Reparations are honorable hard-working people. They will examine your documents and let you know honestly if your claim can be pursued. Then, they take over. Dealing with the German Bureaucracy can take a long time. Many months passed with now news; then one day a staggering amount of funds had been deposited to my account. Only after I received the money did they ask for their 15% commission, which I was thrilled to pay. They kept in touch during the lag time and were always honest. I have received money twice, as when they first got me funds, they said they wanted to try to appeal for more, which they did and it succeeded. They are honest, work hard, and represent your interests well. Only after you are successful do you owe them anything, and then it is 15% only. They do all the work and you get 85% of the fruits of their labours. I am happy to testify that they are honorable, honest and work very hard for you.

Felix Gelbart July 21, 2020

Great job…

5 Star rating for the services of International Centre for Holocaust Reparation. The staff that helped me were very professional and I’m very happy with the outcome for my mother.

J. Warren for E.B. July 19, 2020

Much appreciated

Thank you for your fast replies, helpful information, assistance and professional knowledge. Have recommended your services.

Devorah July 9, 2020


Polite, helpful service. Easy administration

Judit July 9, 2020


5 excellent it was a pleasure dealing with the staff

Eliane JUNGER June 29, 2020

Thank you

Thank you for all your time and help with this matter.

Eva Smilow June 23, 2020


Excellent, very professional in every way services,.

Mira June 23, 2020

Good job, thanks

Every contributor of the Center for Holocaust Reparations was very helpful to make me understand all the necessary administrative steps to be successful in reaching our goal and get my mother’s ghetto pension payment.

Rónai Iván Béla June 23, 2020

I know my mom is smiling

I must thank the center for reparations for recovering back payment for the pain and suffering my mother endured in the Polish ghetto. The team was very patient in guiding me through the process. I know my mom is smiling knowing that her daughter and grandsons received “something” though never enough. Thank you again.

Rita Schneider June 23, 2020

Thank You for your help

Marty Markowitz June 7, 2020

So Very Pleased

When I first discovered there might be an opportunity for my mother to receive this form of reparation for her experience having to work in the Shanghai ghetto I was intrigued but overwhelmed by the prospect of taking on the project given the life dynamics I have to juggle. I can honestly state I could not have done this without the Center for Reparations navigating for me. They earned every penny of their compensation and on behalf of myself and more importantly my mother, I am extremely appreciative.

My Mom June 7, 2020

This Organization Works Tirelessly

Though it took several years and much required documentation, This organization works tirelessly to acquire monies due clients/families we thought never would be seen. Patience and follow up is very important but worth it in the long run. Staff is always available and responsive to emails . They are supportive and no question is left unanswered. They walk you through each step of the way. Can’t say enough about the support and kindness of all the individuals that helped my brother and I receive the money due our father.
Thank you

SLinden May 12, 2020

Thank you for your effort

Thank you for your effort in getting this matter settled.

Abe May 7, 2020


I was very pleased with the staff’s assistance and support. I was pleasantly surprise at the amount of money I received especially since I didn’t even know about this money and since I didn’t think I would get more then a $100 or so

Miriam S May 7, 2020

We really appreciate the excellent work you are doing

The Center for Reparations staff was most patient and understanding while gathering the personal data required for the claims, and they did an excellent job for us. Highly recommended!

Adam and Saul April 20, 2020

A Special Thanks

I am extremely grateful and pleased with this organization and the way it handled the forms and related questions. Your team was always available to move us forward in our quest to obtain our reparations. Thank you again and again

SFG April 20, 2020

My Sister and I Received a Payment

I contacted the Center expecting this to be a scam. After speaking with Naomi, I submitted the information that was requested and waited. Approximately ninemmonths later, I received an email letting me know that my application for ghetto pension payment was approved by Germany and my sister & I received a payment.
Great work from the whole team and it’s much appreciated.
I recommend that you give the Center a call to see if you qualify.Thank you Naomi, Sibyl and the whole team!

Millie Troll April 20, 2020

Dear Ms Frenkel and the International Center for Holocaust Reparations. THANK YOU.

Thank you so much for your hard work and for your guidance, support, professionalism, and for helping my family to collect and streamline the required documents and in turn, present it to the German authority so we could collect on this “blood” money from the German authority.
It is pity your organization does not have more visibility as I am sure there are many people out there that could use your expertise, assistance and support…
My sincere thanks and appreciation for your professionalism, and for your guidance and support.
Eric Blankenstein

Eric Blankenstein April 20, 2020

Exceeded our expectations

Dear International Center for Holocaust Reparations,
It is with sincere gratitude and appreciation that I wish to thank your staff and your organization for helping our family receive the ghetto pension payment from the German government that was owed to my mother.
You helped to streamline the process of gathering and submitting all of the required documentation and guided us all along the way. And the payment we received exceeded our expectations.
Although money alone is no compensation for the hardships and losses our mother and father sufferred at the hands of the Nazis during the war, this windfall is part of their legacy for my sister and me. We cherish their memory.

Harold Zawadski March 17, 2020


Our mother was in the ghetto of Budapest in 1944-45 and worked as a nurse at the Swiss Red Cross Hospital.
We appreciate the organization he has given us.
Especially thanks to Ms. Jacobs and Ms. Fenkel.

G.K. Katalin February 24, 2020

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