Budapest Ghetto

Budapest Ghetto

My mother was born in Budapest and currently resides in a long term care nursing home. During the war, my mother was interned in the Budapest Ghetto for two months and worked as a cleaner.

My mother-in-law, who had already been through this process successfully, recommended that we contact the ‘International Center for Holocaust Reparations’ and gave us their phone number. My mother, who was always a strong and vigorous woman, is now not in the line of health, nor is she always aware of her surroundings. Therefore, I am the one who spoke with the staff, who guided me step by step. In fact, I didn’t even have to leave my house. The lawyers prepared the case meticulously and did all the work for us. After five months, our claim successfully brought us a very respectable amount.

I want to thank Zachi and his dedicated staff. I want to convey to anyone who lived in the Ghetto, not to neglect the issue, because it is money that the survivors and their families rightly deserve!

Sheindel R. November 10, 2016

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