we are pleased with the results

thank you

Judy Reti December 2, 2021

Thank you

Very simply, I saw your ad in a local paper, I answered it and in a few weeks I received a check from Germany, money owed for my dear mother. Thanks so much for your service.

Michael Lewkowitz November 28, 2021

I thoroughly vetted the organization

I had a very positive experience with International Center for Holocaust Reparations. I must admit that at first, I was a bit concerned about providing confidential information to an organization that I knew little about, and so I thoroughly vetted the organization, including checking my claim directly with the appropriate reparation German governmental agency that handles Holocaust reparation claims. Everything was totally legitimate and above board, and so I was able to proceed with utmost confidence. The persons who assisted with my claim were very professional, patient, caring and provided a monetary result that far exceeded any expectations that we had. Do not hesitate to work together with the Center.

Linda Hannah Prentiss November 28, 2021


Thank you kindly for reaching out to me I appreciate it.

Sarah November 28, 2021

Chessed (Kindness)

For you, it wasn’t just business; you were compassionate & caring &, yes, experts in what you do. That’s Kindness. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Julie Freedman

Julie Freedman November 28, 2021

Thank you

Efficient, responsive, excellent in securing reparations. Thank you.

MKB November 16, 2021

Extremely Helpful

I learned about this Center one evening at a Shabbat dinner. I did investigate them to ascertain their legitimacy. My initial point of contact was extremely helpful. I filled out all the paperwork and then waited. During this process, which took around 18 months, I was kept updated and informed. Ms. Grabiowski is very knowledgeable, brilliant in what she does, very kind, and gracious. She did not give up and got the compensation for me that my late mother deserved. I would highly recommend this Center.

Anonymous November 16, 2021


Thank you for your hard work in securing reparations for my very elderly father. In the face of overwhelming odds you were successful!
Your work is much appreciated!

R November 11, 2021

I think it’s important to let other people know

Howard Kaplan November 2, 2021

Far exceeded my expectations

My heartfelt thanks to the entire team. The amount of money we received far exceeded my expectations.
Special thanks to Ruthi whose diligence and perseverance made this possible.

Thank You

RC November 2, 2021

Thank You

Very thankful to the center for all the help they supplied to us in helping us receive the monies coming to us. Again, thank you very much for all your help. Couldn’t have done it without you.

Giselle Harlap October 31, 2021

Hard to Believe

Responded to an ad in the Times of Israel on behalf of my 96-year-old father, who is a survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto. We were “taken by the hand” through the journey of getting reparations, all during COVID. He got the recognition we were hoping for in less than two years and now has a pension from the German Government. The team at the Center for Reparations was professional, thoughtful, considerate, and efficient. Thank you!

Anonymous October 25, 2021

I’m satisfied

All went smoothly (except posting paper documents – it was awfully slow in time of pandemic). I thank you for your valuable help!

Tamás October 14, 2021

Very happy surprise!

I was pleasantly surprised how the whole process was handled by the center and of course by the outcome.

Katalin October 10, 2021

My Last Years Will Be a Bit Softer

Thank you all for your excellent work in helping me to get compensation as a holocaust survivor. I am 92 years old and had no more hope to be in some way compensated for the sufferings me and my family passed through during the German occupation of Romania some 80 years ago. Thanks to you, my last years will be a bit softer.

Thank you so much. EZ September 29, 2021


Thank you

Fortel August 31, 2021

New Testimonial – August 2021

A well done job, thank for your effort

Ruth Lachmann August 29, 2021

Thank You!

Special thanks to Pnina and Shaina for your dedication and perseverance in helping to obtain my pension claim all the way back.
Everything was handled in a very ethical way!

David W. August 29, 2021

I Would Trust Them With My Right Hand

David Yungman August 19, 2021


Thank you to Sybil for all her efforts in getting my claim approved. You were dedicated and so helpful throughout the process.

Susan Feldstein August 10, 2021

Job well done

Ms. Gottfried and her organization Zachi Porath Ltd. did a dedicated effort to bring this long due Holocaust reparation to a successful completion. I am thankful for all the extended work Dalit put into it. MANY THANKS!!!

Ruthy August 4, 2021

Thank you !

Mrs. Arbeli did a great job. She was very helpful and professional, and successful at the end!
Thanks a lot for everything, unbelievable!

Uli August 3, 2021


So thankful for all you have done for me with this. You help me every day that I can bread, knowing that my family was exiled from all that we went through. We are thankful for all your hard work.

Veronika August 1, 2021

Doba Aizenstat

Thank you for the wonderful job done and easy process.

linda rotsztein July 22, 2021

Tremendous Job

Thank you so much for the excellent work that you have done and are continuing to do!

Ron July 19, 2021

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