Thank you

I am very pleased with the time and effort that the International Center for Holocaust Reparation and personally Ms. Harris spent helping me get the right documents and advice. She went above and beyond with my case, which wasn’t simple and easy, but her encouragement and support helped me, and I did get it. Thank you, and thank you! And “YES,” I will tell about your service in my shul and among my Jewish friends.

Robert Weisberger June 30, 2024


The Center did an excellent job. Communication was prompt and clear, all questions were answered, and we received reparations. Thank you.

Lyubov Pavlishina June 30, 2024


I waited almost 3 years before I started the process. It was well worth it and thank you for everything.

Ileen Boro June 26, 2024


I was surprised and very pleased that ICHR was so successful in arranging and obtaining Reparations from the German authorities for the suffering of our dear relatives in the Holocaust.

J. R. June 24, 2024

Thank you

I was encouraged at every step and told exactly what was needed. Excellent service.

Natan June 13, 2024

Many thanks

Good service

Michael Berezin June 9, 2024

Thank you

I was encouraged at every step and told exactly what was needed. Excellent support.

TAC June 6, 2024


excellent service

Judith Higgins June 4, 2024

Many thanks

Good service

Michael Berezin June 4, 2024

Thank you

Thank you for everything

Shirley May 23, 2024

Thank you

Would like to thank everyone involved in this process. Hard work and worth the results!

Annie May 20, 2024

Thank you!

They were efficient and easy to work with. They found more reparations available to me. Thanks.

sy lukin May 12, 2024

Reparations Assistance

Unbelievable assistance with a pricess that i found to be challenging. RUTHIE kept an eye on all the requirements and pushed for resolution that resulted in a positive outcome.

Aryeh Pirak May 9, 2024

Thank you for your help!

Thank you for your assistance in getting my mom the reparations she deserved. Everyone we worked with was professional and supportive and responded quickly to any questions we had. They worked us through the process in a way we could not have managed on our own. Highly recommend!

Sherry Simantov May 8, 2024

As if my mother also keeps on doing and giving from the next world

I would never have had the patience to persevere with this process on my own. I am indebted to the Center for Reparation staff for their patience, kindness and great work ethic. They successfully obtained a generous reparation sum on behalf of my mother, which is helping me immensely financially and emotionally. It does feel as if Hashem took me in his arms and held me. It also feels as if my mother also keeps on doing and giving from the next world. I also want to acknowledge the German government for this pension to descendants.
It feels like A validation of the impact that our parents’ Shoah’s anguish continues to have on us.

Yudith May 6, 2024


The International Center for Holocaust Reparations is Efficient and Proficient in the work they do!

Mordechai Gelber April 10, 2024

Thank you

Thanks a lot

Susana Somlo March 20, 2024

Thank you

I would like to thank the Center of Reparation for their incredible work. They are professional and caring people. Many thanks from my brother and I.
Personal appreciation and thank you to Rachel.

Marina March 20, 2024


We were very happy with the services.

Bela kogan March 7, 2024

Thank you very mutch. L. Gershon.

February 21,2024 L.Gershon
Thank you

L.Gershon February 25, 2024


I want to thank the Center for Reparations for their efforts in successfully applying for reparations on behalf of my mom. The Center was very helpful, diligent and professional. I never would have known we were entitled to the funds without their help.

Sandy Gutner February 20, 2024

Thanks for your wonderful assistance!

The incredible staff of the International Center for Holocaust Reparations never gave up on my case, even though it took a very long time for its resolution. They are professional and caring people, who patiently walk you through all the details. Thank you so much!

Rosalyn Muller February 18, 2024

Thank you 😀😀

I am a widow of a Holocaust survivor who has now passed away.

Roselyn W. February 15, 2024

Good work

Officials in Germany, as you no doubt know, are very slow and demand all kinds of proof before making any payments. The staff at the International Center for Holocaust Reparations is very determined and helped me through the long and complicated process. I am very pleased with their work.

FI February 13, 2024


Not only did the representatives work tirelessly on our behalf, but, with such devotion and dedication that I could not believe. This is not something that we see in our times.

IRVING B. February 4, 2024

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