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I would like to sincerely thank Sibyl H and especially Shaina B for their kind help in getting my elderly mother’s Holocaust survivor’s pension from Germany. The service we received was prompt and attentive – I could not have wished for better. And the extra income makes a big difference in my mother’s life!

Yakkov August 4, 2022

Many, many thanks!

Many, many thanks to Rachel, Sybil, and the entire team from myself and my siblings! You worked hard and diligently through a worldwide pandemic to get us the funds we were entitled to!

Sandra Biller Steiner July 26, 2022

Thank you

I was skeptical at first, but these folks were, in fact, able to secure additional reparations that had been initially overlooked.

Sarena Neyman July 26, 2022


Excellent service, very professional, thorough, and ethical. Highly recommend.

Solomon July 19, 2022


Appreciate the efforts of all those who have helped the survivors and their families to receive some reparations for the huge losses our families sustained by the most brutal regime in modern history. Todah Rabbah!

Dr. Solomon Pinczewski July 19, 2022

Thank you

The firm achieved what it promised to accomplish.
I have recommended them to other relatives in the past. The results were the same and promised.
Wishing the firm all the best.

Andy Gabor July 19, 2022


Excellent work!

Edith Zecler July 14, 2022


Thank you

Evgeni July 14, 2022


Wonderful surprise

Regina Etta Minkoff July 14, 2022

Thank you

Tithi and the team were very professional, I do recommend them very much.

Judith July 14, 2022

All is good now

This quest began 4 years before and the constant delays prove to be frustrating. Finally a small amount of money for a horrible nightmare. Thank you for not giving up on the claim.

Sandi June 26, 2022

Thank You

I was very satisfied and thankful for the results of your efforts on my behalf. Thank you very much!
Yvonne Daniel

Yvonne Daniel June 12, 2022

Thank you

Thank you very much for your help. With your help, I was able to get restitution finally.

Veronica Loewy June 12, 2022

On behalf of my late mother

Thank you so much for working so hard on behalf of my late mother, Mindi. She would have been so grateful to receive the small restitution for the nightmare she went through.

Judith Lidsky June 2, 2022

Extra Mile

Very pleased with the service. You went the extra mile to get the information that was missing. So pleased with the results. Anita Goodman

Anita Goodman June 2, 2022

New Testimonial – May 31, 2022, 9:43 pm

I was very moved by the kindness, sensitivity and patience of the several women I dealt with. This was not an easy task for me, Esther, the eldest of we three sisters,
Our late mother, Helen Rosen, would be pleased to know that we were able to receive this compensation on her behalf. It’s minuscule compared to the suffering and the losses that she endured during those wretched years.

The Rosen sisters June 2, 2022

Do It

What a pleasure to receive another small but meaningful restitution amount on behalf of my 96-year-old mother. She outlived and outfitted her oppressors. Great job to Ruthi and your team!

Sheldon Azimov May 30, 2022

Great Job


Larry Fenyes May 29, 2022

Outstanding Work

I am so very grateful for the kind, helpful and highly professional team that guided me through the claim which I started for my darling Anyuka, who sadly passed during the process. The team carried on the claim with diligence for my brother and me, and I am absolutely delighted with the outcome. Although the process was very challenging at times, it was certainly worth every moment as I feel some justice has been done for the horrendous experience my family suffered during the Holocaust.

Adelai May 26, 2022

Great job


Larry Fenyes May 22, 2022

Best Experience

You are the best experience I have ever had ! the team are a real five-star!

Leon Schwartz May 22, 2022

Thank you very much!

You were unbelievable!

Jerry Gross on behalf of my mother Lea. May 19, 2022


effective dedicated service

john e. freiberg May 18, 2022

More than pleased

The processing of the claim made on our mother’s behalf was not simple and required careful research and patience to cope with many factors, including the period of Covid 19, which presented its own challenges. Through it all, the team working on our behalf was caring, courteous and diligent. We appreciate the efforts, and we are more than pleased with the results. Thank you

Tova Szajnfeld Michels May 15, 2022

Outstanding Support

Outstanding support and care. Everyone was more than helpful.

Susan Siegal May 10, 2022

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