Great job


Larry Fenyes May 22, 2022

Best Experience

You are the best experience I have ever had ! the team are a real five-star!

Leon Schwartz May 22, 2022

Thank you very much!

You were unbelievable!

Jerry Gross on behalf of my mother Lea. May 19, 2022


effective dedicated service

john e. freiberg May 18, 2022

More than pleased

The processing of the claim made on our mother’s behalf was not simple and required careful research and patience to cope with many factors, including the period of Covid 19, which presented its own challenges. Through it all, the team working on our behalf was caring, courteous and diligent. We appreciate the efforts, and we are more than pleased with the results. Thank you

Tova Szajnfeld Michels May 15, 2022

Outstanding Support

Outstanding support and care. Everyone was more than helpful.

Susan Siegal May 10, 2022

They did what they said they would do

The International Centre for Holocaust Reparations did what they said they would do: they submitted requests for unclaimed benefits for victims of the Nazis Holocaust. In my case, they filed claims on behalf of my deceased mother, who made claims during her lifetime but had still had reparations due her. The ICHR takes a percentage of what they are able to find at no other cost to the claimants. A claimant still has quite a bit of work to do in order to file a claim, and if you are missing documents, you could have issues. In my case, I have all pertinent documents, and my late mother’s previous claims meant that the system in Germany was aware of her.

Jacob Potashnik May 10, 2022

Thank you

Thank you for all your humble work while bringing remuneration to our family. While nothing can ever help fill the void left by the Holocaust – the money can be used to help bring comfort.

Suri Steinberger May 3, 2022

Thank you

I could never manage without your help.
Nomi Lind and my brother Hanania Mitteiler

Nomi-Ruth Lind April 28, 2022

With Sincere Gratitude

A relative told me that we would be able to receive these reparations. The process was professional and successful. Each individual in this organization was patient and helpful. Thank you from all of my siblings.

Dr. Sylvia Malcmacher Kramer April 26, 2022

Thank You

We can not thank the team enough for their time and patience in assisting us through this journey of reparation.

Nan April 26, 2022

With Gratitude

Thank you, Sibyl and team, for the great work in helping us get closure in our ordeal in Romania, and even though the years have passed, the hardships are still remembered. Many thanks, Lya

Lya Sterian April 26, 2022


When I received information about the possibility of obtaining some reparations for the time my parent worked in the ghetto, I was very dubious but pursued it anyway. I received excellent advise at every step of the process, and as an extra bonus, I did some research and discovered things about my parents. I would highly recommend pursuing this even though nothing will ever compensate the inhumanity of what my parents endured.

Roselyn Zisman April 26, 2022

Wonderful work

Wonderful work! I had no idea that any reparation was even possible. My father and mother would be so happy to know that their horrible suffering resulted in some reparations that helped their children and grandchildren. Thank you

BV April 11, 2022

Thank You


Yvonne Daniel April 11, 2022

Thank you

Ester and Sara at the reparation office were always responsive and caring with all our interactions. Thank you for the support and efforts. We have referred 3 other children of survivors for your support. Unfortunately, my deceased father, who was in the Lodz ghetto, had no papers proving his identity, did not qualify.

Sonia Kurtz April 7, 2022

New Testimonial – April 6, 2022, 8:56 pm

Since the beginning of my claim, I did not only feel attended, much more important, I felt accompanied.
Thank you so much.

Judith Eskenazi April 7, 2022


It took a while, perhaps due to the COVID, but you guys came through with flying colours.
I would like to thank, especially Shaina, for her interest and devoted involvement in my case
Thank you all involved

Alex S April 7, 2022

I give you the best rating – 5

Thank you for the help I received from your office for a proper feeling out all the requested forms. It was very emotional for me once again to go thru the memories that my mom z’l suffered in Kovno Ghetto by losing her two children and her husband. But you made it easier for me. I give you the best rating – 5
Thank you

M.S. April 3, 2022


I was very pleased with this firm. They knew exactly what was needed and they were very efficient. Thank you!

Meir Prengler March 31, 2022


Very good work.

Esther March 27, 2022

Thanks for all the help

Worth every penny of their fee! I found this agency on social media, and they are legitimate and will find you the money as long as you have a valid claim and have all the documents necessary for them. The monies are tax-free in the US as well, so that’s an added bonus. If it wasn’t for social media, I would have never found them. Center for Reparations is doing great work and actually helping people directly.

Steve Gara March 16, 2022

Thank you!

I offer only praise and gratitude to this organization and their staff, specifically Ruthi, Sybil and Sara, who helped me navigate through the process and successfully obtain benefits for my mother. I highly recommend this organization and its staff, who are professional, knowledgeable, competent, caring and compassionate, and who work tirelessly to achieve successful results. Thank you for all that you do!

sonya glasser March 16, 2022


Very professional and pleasant to work with

Judy Machtinger March 16, 2022

Thank you.

Very professional work.

David Popowski March 8, 2022

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