thank you

I am so grateful for the diligence of this organization. So nice to talk to and so concerned with getting as much as possible for the reparations.

chana haller May 23, 2023

Great Work and Thanks

My husband and I very much appreciate all the hard work Rachel put into achieving this result for me and wish your organisation much hatzlacha in your future endeavours.

Chana Hersh May 16, 2023

With appreciation!

Thanks so much for facilitating this for me. It is greatly appreciated! Keep up the good work and keep on helping others. Shkoyach!

Sarah Arnold May 8, 2023

Thank you

Thank you. I was pleasantly surprised with your professionalism and the help that I got from you.

Steve Jazner May 7, 2023


Merci beaucoup

Miche tshiandi May 4, 2023

I am Truly Speechless

Thank you so much. I am truly speechless.
I started this journey with Ruthi many months ago with a deep conviction because this was the right thing to do in memory of my grandmother. She suffered greatly during the Holocaust. She witnessed atrocities, saw death, and had her teenage years stolen from her. The timing of the approval of this case comes during the days we remember the Holocaust, and so I think it’s even more meaningful. While I am so grateful for the amount, for me, it was always about the principle than anything else.
Ruthi has been incredible. Even though we’ve not met, I really felt her kindness and care from afar. There were times I wanted to give up. Collecting the details wasn’t an easy feat, mentally and emotionally. Some of the things she suggested I thought were impossible to achieve, but I did them, and they worked! She supported me and guided me, and she deserves so much credit here.
This has been an emotional process. It was all worth it. I know my grandmother is very proud today.
Thank you so much,

Polina I. May 2, 2023

Wonderful organization

Thank you so much for your help in this endeavor.

Morris Goldman May 1, 2023

Thank you

My heartfelt thanks for your hard work and all your help.

Susan May 1, 2023


Thank u

Ruthie Kozlowski April 19, 2023


Thank you to the amazing Team and Ruthi, whom helped me. Without these funds, I could not remain at home. Presently, I need 24/7 caregivers. This miracle was much needed and came just in time.

Sara April 19, 2023

ICHR Worked Tirelessly

ICHR worked tirelessly on behalf of my mother and was able to get her the reparations from Germany. We are very grateful for your efforts.

AJF April 19, 2023

The Cattle Care Exhibit

It’s almost a year since we successfully finished our work on this file. I’m writing to give you an update on how I used the money. Attached is a copy of an article I wrote for my Temple Bulletin (the TABLET) from Temple Emanuel-El in Westfield, New Jersey. The cattle care exhibit (Stepping In and Out of Darkness) mentioned in the article was developed in Canada by a group called ShadowLight, and it tours around North America.
The people in the photo on the left are the lady who came with the exhibit, our Westfield Mayor (Shelly Brindel) and my congregation’s Senior Rabbi (Ethan Prosnit). On the right are me and my mother.
Thanks again for all your help, and you are welcome to use this article as an example of how the funds can be put to meaningful use.
Warm regards,

Esther Rose April 17, 2023

Thank you

Presently surprised how good things turned out. THANK YOU

Steve Jazner April 16, 2023

Highly recommended!

Just wonderful, supportive and diligent to deal with. Highly recommended!

Sheldon Romer April 3, 2023

With deepest gratitude

My brother and I had no idea that a pension was available to our mother. It came to our attention through an ad in the Jewish newspaper. The Centre was understanding and provided guidance and support throughout the process. We are deeply grateful and have the highest respect for the important work the Centre is doing.

Gale Rubenstein March 28, 2023

So grateful

The Centre was very professional to deal with. Communication was clear and prompt, and our claim was successful, but it took a couple of years. During that time, no payment was requested or expected, and even after we were paid, they would not invoice us until all aspects were confirmed. They are honest and knowledgeable, and I can’t thank them enough for their help.

Howard Ovens March 28, 2023

Thank you!

I have to admit I was a bit leery at first, but I persisted in gathering and submitting all necessary paperwork in the hope I could achieve a small measure of justice for my late parents, who were Holocaust survivors. I found my contact at the Centre to be extremely diligent and responsive throughout the lengthy process, and I am glad that together, we achieved the desired result. Kudos to the Centre for Reparations!

B. Martin March 28, 2023


The process provided by The Centre, Ruthee, was excellent, and I appreciate it. The only complaint I have is that my expectations were raised, and the payment received was below my expectations

Thomas Beretvas March 23, 2023

Heartfelt Thanks

My heartfelt thanks to The Centre for your invaluable support and help in my successful application process. Thank you again!

George Frank March 22, 2023

Much Appreciated.

We Really Appreciate your caring and prompt service that will surely help my mother, the spouse of a holocaust survivor.
Thank you.

Michael K March 14, 2023


5 the very best!!!!!

Henry Etingin March 5, 2023

Thank You

All my questions were answered immediately and after submitting all of the documents required, my claim was approved.

Ivan March 2, 2023

Getting my future back

Thanks for your help getting my future back. I also referred my friends to your company!!!!

Moche Schwartz March 1, 2023

Thank you very much

The Center’s team has performed with superb effectiveness, persistence and courtesy.

Emil Simiu March 1, 2023

Much Appreciated

Thank you so much for working with me. I received a substantial amount in the final disbursement thanks to your efforts. I did need a little push to get all the documents in, and I did procrastinate a bit.
You remained patient with me and continued the process. Again thank you so much on behalf of myself and my sister, but much more importantly, on behalf of my mother who suffered the atrocities of the war and lost her family and all she knew prior to the war.

Aggie February 20, 2023

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