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Thank you for your help

We cant thank you enough for helping us in this matter. Your service and communication throughout the process was superb.

Stanley and Sharon Siegel November 8, 2017

5 star rating

I give your services a 5 star rating. Your services are excellent. Thank you.

Steven Grun November 8, 2017

Thank You

Thank you for your help in getting my mom back funds for her past time being in a concentration camp and living in a ghetto. You made the process so easy with a successful outcome.
You made an elderly survivor very happy.
Appreciate all you have done.

Robert Grun November 8, 2017

Closure at last

I like to thank all the people who work for the Center for Reparations. It was efficient and effective and after more then 70 years it was not that easy. I sincerely am grateful and while it does not bring my family members it give me closure. Thank you, thank you very much, you did great.

Ed C. C. November 8, 2017

Thank you for entire staff

Thank you for entire staff that worked on the case.

B.S November 8, 2017


The Service of the Company was professional and effective.

Istvan Palugyai November 8, 2017


I want to thank you to the International Center for Holocaust Reparations for their dedication and for the help I received during all this time.

Gabriel Weisz October 18, 2017

Very professional

Very professional
Thank you

Nikolay Rutberg October 18, 2017

You are doing a very noble job

Thank you for all your hard work in recovering money on behalf of my late mother. You are doing a very noble job.

Simon Dukstansky September 18, 2017

G-d bless you

The International Center for Holocaust Reparations is truly doing admirable work on the part of Holocaust survivors and their families.
Thank you for all your efforts on the part of my Mother.
G-d bless you.

Ruth Leland September 18, 2017

I wish to express our gratitude

I wish to express our gratitude to the International Center for Holocaust Reparations in assisting my father and me in completing and filing forms so he could receive additional compensation from Germany. The required forms and documents could have been overwhelming but with your guidance and assistance, it made the process easier. Thank you for your help.

Mildred Pivoz August 29, 2017

Thank you on my deseased father’s behalf

From beginning to end this Company have been magnificent. Obviously it is very difficult to understand the paperwork of 70 plus years ago, but they managed to sort everything out and when I didn’t understand exactly what they needed, they returned my phone calls etc. to make the journey easier.
I would highly recommend their services and will definitely pass on to other children of survivors that I know.

Mrs Linda El-Eini (Kohn) August 29, 2017


We looked forward to the compensation. You did not say anything but patience. About 1 year passed when you requested a new supplement in a letter but always exactly what you wrote about the developments. Then in 2017 the big turn came when we got the amount we paid. Thank you for helping me out. I hope we can succeed in another. Further success for your work, I wish to help many many people to receive their compensation after their parents.

dr. Timár Gábor Ottó August 29, 2017

I greatly appreciate the effort

Although it took 2 years and a great deal of paperwork to finally come to fruition, the claim did come through. This group worked diligently to manage the process. I greatly appreciate the effort.
Thank you

Srb July 26, 2017

Successful in finding eligible compensation for my late mother

Did the work efficiently and professionally. Were successful in finding eligible compensation for my late mother, obm

ahron lopiansky July 26, 2017

A real Chesed

From the initial contact, throughout the process, the thoughtfulness, compassion and level of professionalism was amazing! Your people literally held our hands and guided us through the maze of paperwork and legal hurdles to obtain what was rightfully due to my Mom. As much as the funds do nothing to change history, nonetheless, the funds were used to perpetuate true Yiddishe chinuch and values, which in itself is true testimony that the enemy failed! We have told anybody we think would gain from this program to contact you and see what could be done. You should all be blessed for all that you do, and much continued success!

Shimon Z. July 26, 2017

Thank You for Filing on my behalf.

I was a bit skeptical when I first heard of the International Center for Holocaust Survivors. Friends and family warned me of potential scams and asked me to be wary. After doing research online, I decided to follow up and called the firm. The process was relatively easy I had to furnish a copy of my deceased mother’s will, proof of life statements for me and my children and proof of identity. Because my children were named as beneficiaries in my mother’s estate I had to have them submit paper work as well, and this delayed the process somewhat. Once all the paperwork was sent to Israel, the settlement check came relatively quickly. The money that my family received was substantial and I was happy to pay the 15% fee of the settlement (which was clearly spelled out before.) I recommend the International center for Holocaust Reparations highly, give them a call.

Paul Rosenfeld July 26, 2017

Excellent results

Your service was recommended to me by a satisfied client. Indeed my case was handled very efficiently, with curtesy and excellent results. The fee is fully justified. I would recommend you to any one to whom it could apply.
Thank you again for a job well done.

anonymous July 26, 2017


This was a late, partial but welcome and helpful justice. And I’m thankful to the Center. It took a little too long but it’s here!
Thank you with a hearty Shalom


Great service!

Your firm did an outstanding job, resulting in a very fair settlement of claims of my parents. Your requests were clear and you were able to do all of the paperwork and submissions. Your fees were extremely reasonable and you did not require any payments up front — only upon successful completion of the service.

For potential claimants: the more organized your information is, the easier the process is.

Mark July 26, 2017

Good work

Everyone i spoke to did exactly what was asked. Always responded quickly and easy to understand. Not an easy subject to talk about. Courteous and understanding. Thanks again and to anyone reading this go forward with this you wont be sorry.

Mark July 26, 2017

Great results. Thanks.

Professionals that really know what they are doing. Quick response to any questions.

Roslyn Wakshlag July 16, 2017

I am most grateful to Rachel Grabowiecki

My heartfelt thanks for the assistance given to me in obtaining the ghetto pension payment which will be very helpful to me and my family. I am most grateful to Rachel Grabowiecki for her kindness, patience and being there for me throughout the lengthy period.

Esther F. S. July 16, 2017


Acutely aware of how to work through the intricacies of this process. Communicated effectively with us and as far as timelines were concerned – how long things would take, you were right on the mark. Very satisfied!!

Rabbi Warren Kasztl July 16, 2017

You are very obstinate to fix problems

You are very obstinate to fix problems. In spite of two refusals you have been continuing until positive end.

Zygmunt July 16, 2017