I really appreciate the work you have done for us.

Thank you

satisfied December 16, 2019

Thank you


PETER EDEN December 15, 2019

People for People

Apart from the special professional qualities, these people have a great soul nobility. In two words: promptness and dedication. Thanks for everything you do! The world is a little better with you! Thank you very much!

Herman November 24, 2019

Thank al lot

Very pleased

Nelly Gershmansast November 24, 2019

Appreciated and thank you for recognizing all that happened to my parents!’

Thank you again and again!!! We so appreciate all the wonderful people involved in this reparation work!!! It makes us so happy that my family and parents are recognized for all their losses and punishment they endured through this horrible war especially over religion!!! Ms. Wertheim and Ms. Grabowiecki were so wonderful to us and it won’t be forgotten!!!

Shirley Weiner, Elliot Atlas and Beverly Atlas November 18, 2019

Thank you


Rima laricheva November 18, 2019

Highly professional team

Our family were very happy with the legal representation by this team: prompt, honest, truthful and highly professional. Thank you.

Miriam Llit November 17, 2019

Great Job!

Even though the process took quite a long time, the end result was well worth the wait! Rachel and Sibyl answered my emails punctually and knowledgeably. Thank you ladies.

SLR November 11, 2019


I thank you for your hard work and your patience. It took over three years, but you did not let me falter along the way.

Felix Gelbart November 11, 2019

One-time retroactive payment and a monthly pension!

My client whose husband passed away in 1998 is thrilled that the International Center for Holocaust Reparations was able to secure for her ZRBG one-time retroactive payment and a monthly pension!

Thank you!

Anonymous November 10, 2019

Thank you


Öriné Révész Katalin November 6, 2019

Thank you


Thank you!

Bar lev Sima November 3, 2019

Thank you!


SL October 27, 2019

My mother and I are so grateful

My mother and I are so grateful to Adv. Rimone and her organization for the time and effort they provided in assisting us with filing a claim with the German government for reparations. She was able to successfully procure a regular quarterly settlement along with a one time up front payment to cover the filing period. I would highly recommend her and her organization to others. Thank you!
Ira Rosmarin

Ira Rosmarin October 22, 2019


I appreciate all the help I got from the Center in presenting my application. It was very professional and knowledgeable, and at the same time done with a very human approach so important in these difficult cases.

Maria Luczak October 7, 2019

Thank you

Thank you for all the help you gave me

Elizabeth Cichocki DeSantis October 6, 2019

Long process but well worth it

Thank you very much for offering me the opportunity to receive money that I never knew existed. It was a long process but well worth it.
Thank you

Marian October 3, 2019

Helpful and Courteous

Helpful and courteous. The process does take time, but the end result is worth it . Thank you for your energy ; couldn’t have done it without your assistance .
Thank you

Arlene Shachnow October 2, 2019



Julianna P September 26, 2019

Highly recommended

Excellent highly professional service. Highly recommended.

Thank you

YL September 22, 2019

I highly recommend their service

On behalf of my mother and late father, I wish to thank Ruthi and her team at the International Center For Holocaust Reparations for their guidance, patience, kindness and diligence in obtaining successful reparations for the horrors they suffered. I highly recommend their service in navigating this challenging system. It is important to keep the memories alive.
Thank You!

R.J. September 22, 2019

The Lessons of the Past

The International Center for Reparations, and Ms. Finder in particular, were wonderful – professional, helpful, and thoroughly committed to guiding my application through the process, even successfully filing a successful appeal for additional funds after the initial award. Most important to me was their help in obtaining justice for the horrors my mother was subjected to. In an era when anti-Semitism is once again rearing its ugly head, it is of some comfort to know that there are still organizations like this one who have not forgotten the lessons of the past.
Thank you!

Rosa Blitzer Oppenheim September 16, 2019

Diligent Work and Kindness

On my behalf and my late husband Cantor Emil, I wish to thank Adv. Rimone and the staff at the Center for reparations for all their diligent work as well as their kindness.
Thank you again

Lili B. September 15, 2019

Thank you


Elizabeth cichicki-DeSantis September 12, 2019

5 Stars

I was very satisfied with your service, you kept me informed and the result was satisfactory. My rating is 5 stars.

Thank You

Jeff V. September 8, 2019