A hand reached out just when I needed it.

Thanks to Rachel G and all the wonderful people of this organization, I got the needed funds for the 24 hr care for my parents- both survivors- after their own savings, as well as my own, were becoming depleted. I was fortunate to have such wonderful caregivers who continued what I began and was getting scared as how I was to continue paying for them and wanted to avoid the nursing home scenario. I can not thank you enough for all your diligent work and constant communication as you fought for the ones who went through the horrible ordeal.

Helene Galek July 16, 2017

Thank you would hardly be enough it is more

Your work should be exemplary for others in your line of work. It is beyond good, you do your work as promised. I wish you all
the best in your future endeavors. Best of all John

John G. Evans July 16, 2017

Have been amazed and so grateful for the wonderful work you do

I was told about your organisation from a member of my family and have been amazed and so grateful for the wonderful work you do.
My sincerest thank for all you have done on my behalf.

John July 16, 2017

It was handled in a professional manner

I would recommend this service, it was handled in a professional manner, there was good communication and follow up.

Abramm July 16, 2017

Grateful Thanks for your Hard Work

I was at a scary standstill when my parents outlived their savings at the time they needed 24 hr care. The diligent work and patience of getting all the papers together were so appreciated as this reparation payment literally saved their lives and gave me peace of mind.
Highly recommend everyone involved in this venture as time is indeed running out for survivors.

Helene Galek July 16, 2017

Many thanks to all at the center for reparations

The process was easy. All the staff were very helpfull. The check was in the mail, extremely quick. Thank you again to all.

Fern kiejdan July 16, 2017

Your support and follow through was amazing

Thank you all for your efforts and guidance in helping our mother secure widow pension from Germany after our father, who was a holocaust survivor, passed away. Your support and follow through was amazing. Our mom has a sense of closure and peace of mind.
Thank you!

Miriam Javitch July 16, 2017

Many thanks

This whole process was fast and easy. Everyone at the center was very helpful many thanks to all.

Fern Kiejdan July 16, 2017

Just great work and caring

Just great work and caring.
Thank you

Moishe Hellman July 16, 2017

I would highly recommend your organization

I would like to thank, and highly commend the Center for Reparations for their commitment, encouragement, kindness and professionalism throughout the process. In particular, Rachel Grabowiecki was so wonderful to work with that I felt that although we have not met personally, we had become very good friends. She made this difficult time so much easier for me. I would highly recommend your organization.

Ruth Podeswa July 16, 2017

Yasher Koach

Initially we were hesitant to seek reparations from Germany. However Rachel assured us that this was the right thing to do. Thru her guidance and dedication we filed a claim. In the end this was just another way to let the Germans know we will never forget.
With Rachel and her team the claim process was straight forward and we are grateful for all there help and support.

Dr. Allen and Ceil Roth July 16, 2017

Keep up the good work

I was pleased with your handling my claim professionally and for the successful result. Keep up the good work.
Thank You

Abraham Fisher July 12, 2017

Thank you for your help. We would not have known by ourselves.

The Center counseled with my mother and then submitted two claims, one for working in the Lodz Ghetto and another for a survivor widow’s pension since my father passed away three years ago. She now receives a small monthly sum for the Ghetto as well as another check for the widow’s pension. She also received a retro-active check for the widow’s pension that she had not received since my father’s passing. We would never have known what was available and how to proceed without the help of the Center. Thank you.

Joseph (for mother, Mila) July 12, 2017

A wonderful experience

I would like to thank all the wonderful people who work for this organization. Their help, guidance and knowledge of the intricacies of the application process were instrumental in receiving compensation for our Mother.
I would highly recommend this organization.
Thank you again for all your help!

Anonymous May 22, 2017

Glad this service was available

All work to obtain reparations was easily done and effortless from our position. Glad this service was available.
Thank you

Zigmund Suchter May 21, 2017

Thank you for all the help you provided!

Without the International Center for Holocaust Reparations, I would never have received the money from the German government as compensation for my mother’s slave labor in the Nazi run ghetto in Poland. I wish she were alive and could benefit from the money herself, but I know she would be grateful that her family benefits. A heartfelt thank you!

Dr. Esther H. Pittman May 21, 2017

Your staff was extremely helpful to us

Thank you so much for all your help. Your staff was extremely helpful to us. They guided us to filling out the paperwork correctly. To sum it up everything was done in an efficient manner. Thanks again for getting us the money that was coming to us!

Ziesl Itzkowitz May 10, 2017

Get your money out of the germans – it’s yours!

These attorneys and their staff really know what they are doing and stay on top of things. They follow up and are very polite and helpful in getting your claim completed. There is no reason not to claim at least a small portion of that which was taken from our families by the Germans. It takes time, but anything you get is better than nothing, and the Center for Reparations helps you get what is rightfully yours.

gitty s May 10, 2017

I have gained a friend

I find that your legal department and accounts department take a personal interest in the case. They are professional, caring and dedicated. It was a pleasure to work with Rachel and I feel that more than a client, I have gained a friend. Thank you all very much!

Ruth Podeswa May 10, 2017

Thank you so much for what you do

Thank you so much for what you do.
I appreciated it so much rachel and her team did an outstanding job. i have always had faith in you all.

robin bralower May 1, 2017

Your work healp a lot of older survivers!

Your work healp a lot of older survivers!
I did gone true sufforing, and loosing a sister and Relative,s . My family was never the same. Cant not ever happan agen, All hatte has to Stop!
Thank you for the work you du!
Judith Hirsch

Judith Hirsch May 1, 2017


Your legal team dealt with this claim with compassion and dignity. Unlike the previous legal team we started out with who belittled it as simply a pension. Your team understood it was a lot more than a pension it was slave labor. It took two years and the settlement was four times your initial estimates. My mother’s grandchildren were blessed with a very respectable inheritance from their loving grandmother. You have a right to make a living at this and I was extremely comfortable writing you the check for your fees. I’m only sorry my mother was not alive to receive and disperse this settlement in the way she wanted. I hope I did it and she wished.

Solomon K Pesis May 1, 2017

This is a Wonderful Organization

This is a wonderful organization run, by competent, caring and considerate people.
The people at the International Center for Holocaust Reparation do excellent work. They “found” how to get my sick mother and my father’s widow funds that they desperately need in their later years.
They always return call promptly and communicate well–despite the above two folks living in NY and Florida and Alan living in Michigan.
G-D bless the International Center for Holocaust Reparation

Dr. Alan Reinstein, CPA March 23, 2017

Thank you so much

The Reparations department helped me a great deal. Answered all my questions and answered them promptly. Very courteous and understanding. A please to have worked with.

Zohara Singer March 23, 2017

Thank you


André Rossmann March 12, 2017